No! You Can’t Really Hide Your Address on Amazon Wishlists

No! You Can’t Really Hide Your Address on Amazon Wishlists

Alternative to Amazon Wishlists

You thought Amazon Wishlists was the answer to your private gifting needs? Well, think again! LuxyList is the #1 place webstars, youtubers, and OnlyFans models go to get gifts from fans.

At first glance, using Amazon Wishlists to get gifts from fans seems like a great idea. Fans can send all sorts of things from the huge marketplace with millions of items. What’s not to love?Surprisingly, there’s actually a whole lot not to love if you prefer fans to not know where you live! Keep reading and we’ll explain exactly what’s at stake and why it isn’t worth the risk.

Amazon Wishlists could expose your address

It all boils down to the simple fact that for Amazon’s third-party sellers and customer service agents, safeguarding your privacy just isn’t the normal use case. After all, Amazon Wishlists wasn’t created for sending gifts to OnlyFans models or hilarious TikTok pets. Like all other wishlist platforms they were created for friends and family to gift each other without having to wonder what to get. No need for anonymity or extra privacy measures because chances are, the gifters know each other personally!

But, what about celebrities and online personalities? A revealed address could be devastating given the magnitude of your social reach. Even after selecting the option to make your address private, gifters can still see the city and state the gift is being delivered to. For some, that’s just enough to piece together where you live. A writer revealed a pretty scary find when purchasing from someone else’s wishlist,

The gifter’s confirmation email included the recipient’s address. 


Beyond the whole private-but-not-really thing, we’ll bet you didn’t know that after sending a gift, the buyer can open an order status claim with customer service and find out your wishlist’s delivery address.

Yeah, that’s a problem.

We get it. Now you’re thinking: “cool – so Amazon sucks, nothing new, I’ll just set up a private PO box with USPS”

But no – PO boxes have many problems of their own. Aside from hefty annual fees and the sheer inconvenience of having to haul tons of gifts home from the post office, it shows your city and state, too! Let’s be real, all traditional means of receiving gifts privately fail in some way or another. They either lack customization, only allow users to get gifted items from specific partners, or just flat out compromise your safety by leaking your private info.

If not Amazon Wishlists, then what?

There’s finally a solution that protects privacy and makes it easy for your stans to send gifts you actually want: LuxyList—the secure gifting platform for Youtubers, TikTokers, Twitch Gamers, OnlyFans models, Instagram Influencers, and every other kind of superstar with fans, followers, and subscribers. Through our exclusive gifting suite, celebrities can create wishlists and know full-stop their address and privacy will be protected. We got your back 💯

Ready to ditch unsafe Amazon wishlists and inconvenient PO boxes? Request an invitation to LuxyList today – and let us help you get gifted without compromise!




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