Privacy, Security, Encryption… Oh My!

Privacy, Security, Encryption… Oh My!

Safe, Encrypted wishlist for content creators and celebrities

Privacy and Security. Related? Yes! But totes not the same. Read on to find out how our Gift Support Squad keeps your beautiful backside covered with all kinds of salty keys and other nifty encryption tech!

Privacy is Our Obsession

When we started LuxyList, way back in the before-covid times… we began with one mission statement on our white board and to this day it has remained the cornerstone of our business.

Gifts are our Passion. Privacy is our Obsession


Everyone loves the word, but what we soon realized was that in order to protect our users and make good on our privacy promise, we needed to double down on security. Without security, you won’t have privacy for long and security without encryption means, no security at all!

Let’s start with the basics because there are levels to this.

What is Encryption? 

Encryption is everything! 


To sum up, it’s what we do to conceal your private information. How? By altering it so that anytime you share your secret pearls with us, it looks like random letters and numbers to anyone that doesn’t have a LuxyList specific “Need to know.”

How we use Encryption to Fight the Evil Forces

All private information sent to LuxyList by Gifters and Listers s scrambled as soon as you click “submit” in a form field. By private info, we mean stuff like:

  • Legal names
  • Billing addresses
  • Shipping addresses
  • Card payment info

Scrambled? Yeah, scrambled. Each keystroke you input on a form field is replaced with a series of random letters and numbers called an encryption key and stored in a digital vault. For an added layer of protection, the random series of numbers that comprise our encryption keys are rotated on a regular cadence.

What about passwords?

We don’t even want to touch the stuff. Why? Because when you sign in with your socials, it’s already G-14 classified! We never see your password or social username. We don’t even get your email address! That’s why we ask for it when you sign up using our social sign in options 😂 Companies like Gmail, Twitter, and Apple Pay have invested tens of millions of dollars to protect your passwords and personal data. We figure, when it comes to user accounts.. why not let them do the heavy lifting so we can focus on what we know.. Giving you the best private gifting experience possible!

What does it all mean?

If a would-be doxxer or privacy intruder attempts to get more info about you from us:

  1. We don’t keep your personal, private info in our systems. 

  2. Even if we did, the info would appear to be a virtually worthless random series of numbers and letters!

3. Only those from the Gift Support Squad with a “Need to Know” have access to your private information. Who qualifies as Need to Know? Team members directly involved in processing orders purchased for you.

For the Tech-savvy Listers:

Other stuff we do:

  • SSL (256-bit) Traffic Encryption
  • IP-based login throttling
  • SO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 compliant database and authentication mechanism

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