Creators: Level Up your Privacy Game!

Creators: Level Up your Privacy Game!

Invasion of Privacy – excellent album, horrific IRL experience

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer, star athlete, or OnlyFans creator – posting anything from beauty tutorials to workout plans to sexy vids – sharing content and putting yoruself out there always involves some risk. Scammers, spammers, hackers, and other less than savory peeps may attempt to steal your content, your address, or God forbid, your identity. BIG. YIKES. 

Ok, creeper – you gotta go. (“Security? … SECURITY??!!”)

Making privacy a priority is vital not only for your personal security, but also for the success and longevity of your career as a digital creator. Taking steps now to keep yourself safe and your personal info private is a sign of self-respect – and it can be a great way to build stronger relationships with your fans! How, you ask? Here are three major reasons why privacy for content creators is a must.

  1. Safety first – for you and your career.

Last year, 1.4 million reports of identity theft were filed with the FTC. We’ll let that sink in for a minute. 


Your career is heating up, but your star is still rising – you’re heading places above and beyond your wildest dreams, and the last thing you want are security breaches, leaked personal info, or scary stalkers tripping you up, slowing you down, costing you major legal fees, or permanently damaging your career. Putting privacy measures in place NOW protects you today and down the road. It’s a money move you can’t miss.

Social media and content sharing sites like OnlyFans are upping their privacy game, too, offering new security features to protect digital creators and their content; show yourself the same respect and get on board by keeping your personal info under lock and key when it comes to getting gifted by fans.

Would you let your Birkin or Rolex sit outside in a public space unattended? Of course not! Your personal info is just as valuable – start treating it like you would the latest Gucci drop. 

  1. “That’s why her following is so big – it’s full of secrets.”

Privacy can be fun and sexy? Who knew?! (we did!) 

Maybe you’re publicly known by a nickname, stage name, or alter ego – or maybe you were named after a great singer of the past who now does infomercials. 😏 Whatever the case may be, if keeping your identity a secret is what you want, do your thang, girl!

Your fans know and love you for who you are – not for your “given legal name” – and they appreciate you for what you do – not for where you live. Yes, being authentic with your followers is essential, but keeping a little space between your on-camera and off-camera lives is also important. We’re pretty sure you don’t want your house featured on one of those creepy Hollywood bus tours of celebrity homes, right? Ok … maybe you do, but let that be a choice, not something that happens without your consent!

A little mystery can also be very intriguing. Your fans might enjoy engaging with you even more when you leave something to the imagination! 😘 Sometimes divulging less makes new fans feel more comfortable warming up and getting to know you, so not giving it all away can build a stronger bond from the start – and keep them coming back for more. Speaking of which …

It’s not your fault they’re like, in love with you or something.
  1. All access is for VIPs only – or maybe not for anyone. Because … 

Only YOU decide who gets behind the velvet rope. Some level of exclusivity is important for every content creator – and while you’ll eventually spend your days pursuing philanthropic endeavors with your entourage from the deck of your 400-foot super-yacht, right now, monetizing is your MO. You’re the CEO, the main character, AND the bouncer; putting privacy measures in place and prioritizing the security of your personal information is part of Content Creation 101. Not to be all “the power is in your hands,” but it is!

One simple way to get your privacy in check, and bond with your fans? Join LuxyList – the only privacy-first, fully encrypted, luxury e-wishlist platform. Build your dream wishlist, share your personalized URL to your social media or online bio, and let your generous fans go wild gifting you treats, trips, and treasures! Your gifts arrive secretly and securely at your doorstep. 

Your legal name and home address? Fully encrypted – that means they’re literally turned into a secret code that can’t be unlocked, the same way your credit card info is turned into code when you shop online so your number is never exposed. All your private info is 100% confidential at ALL times. No worries about leaked info, no triple checking your privacy settings, no trips to a PO box; your to-do list gets shorter, so your LuxyList can get longer. 😉

Ready to #GetGifted safely and securely? Request an invite! 

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