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Hottest Gifts This Fall!

Summer 2021, we hardly knew ya. But alas, it’s time to trade strappy sandals for UGGs, swap frosé for [heavily spiked] cider, break out the warm vanilla sugar-scented candles, and give your fans what they’re craving almost as much as the first...

Safe, Encrypted wishlist for content creators and celebrities

Privacy, Security, Encryption… Oh My!

Privacy and Security. Related? Yes! But totes not the same. Read on to find out how our Gift Support Squad keeps your beautiful backside covered with all kinds of salty keys and other nifty encryption tech!

Alternative to Amazon Wishlist

PO Boxes are Canceled – Here’s Why

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a PO box. ??? If your freshly manicured tips are still relaxing south of your shoulders, consider yourself fortunate. But listen up, sis, because we’ve got some piping-hot PO box tea to...



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