📢 Gifting 101

📢 Gifting 101


Sending gifts to content creators on LuxyList is easy! You don’t even need an account.

Class is back in session and in this lesson we’re going to show you how easy it is to send gifts on LuxyList.

Ready, Set, Click!

Can it really be that simple? Yes. It can. You don’t need the address of the gift recipient. You don’t even need an account with us to send a gift. Just a little generosity and a credit card will do!

Add a Video Message!

LuxyList is all about strengthening connections between webstars and their supporters. Whether sending a gift to your hero or celebrity crush😏, adding a video message is the cherry on top that makes your gift a little more personal and a lot more special.

What should you say or do in your video message?

  • Let them know about a recent post that inspired you.
  • Sing, “Happy Birthday!” 
  • Challenge them to a dance-off. 
  • Ask them out on a date (DM sliders out there, we see you😏 Shoot that shot with a gift!)

The possibilities are endless and believe us, they lovvvve this stuff! Even better, the video response you receive back will be something special just for you, not the other millions of people vying for their attention. 

Secret Admirers? We got you..

LuxyList isn’t only a private gifting experience for webstars, instagram influencers, gamers, and everyone else. All information we gather from Gifters is kept under lock and key, too! Trust us, your identity, billing address, email and all other personal info isn’t shared with wishlist owners. We only collect what we need to process the gift order, nothing more and that info is never transmitted to the gift recipient. LuxyList acts as a third party gatekeeper between wishlist owners and gifters so all private information stays private.

Interested in more info about how we keep your data safe? Read on.

Ready to become Gifting Hero? All you’ll ever need is the URL to your Webstar’s LuxyList. 

Wishing someone you want to gift had a LuxyList? Let us know who they are and we’ll invite them to come get gifted!

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