Steps to Getting Gifted

Steps to Getting Gifted

If you’re reading this blog you’ve probably heard about LuxyList and our platform that provides a way for you to receive gifts from your fans – anonymously; and if this is your introduction to us, we welcome you to our LuxyList Family! LuxyList is the platform for sophisticated and luxurious gift giving. Our focus is your privacy and safety while providing this service, so how does it all work? Let’s unbox that, shall we?

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: If you don’t already have an invite code, click ‘I don’t have an invite’. 

Step 3: Fill out the form and follow the instructions for verification. This process exists because we are an exclusive community and we take our verification, privacy and safety policies very seriously, so your cooperation is appreciated.

Step 4: Once verification is complete and your application is approved, you’ll receive your invite code! (Aaay!)

Step 5: Head back to the website and enter the code to officially register. 

And that’s it! 

Once you’re on our platform, we’ll guide you through the process of creating your LuxyList so that you can share it with your fans! 

So, are you ready? Let’s get this started!

Click HERE to start your list

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